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Welcome to Bhav Blog

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Hi there! We are ecstatic to welcome you to the world of Bhav through this blog! We hope that this platform will spark thoughtful conversations around the Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) culture, creative expressions, stationery products, and becomes a home to many more amazing ideas.

Who are we?

Bhav Products is a world of unlimited creative stationery supplies crafted and manufactured in Nepal with love and care! We are a creative industry geared towards promoting and generating ideas, designs, and products that people can relate to and become a part of a larger community of stationery users and lovers. Our philosophy behind the product is that the user is the one who customizes it to their own needs – we only offer them a tool and show them the possibilities. We value simplicity, D-I-Y mindset, and growing continually.

Why this blog?

It has been more than a year and half since we embarked on this journey to develop the Bhav Products and in this short span of time, not only have we been able to garner a lot of support but we have also been able to build a community of stationery-lovers, and share our stories and ideas. Every day, we get to see your beautiful creations on our products through social media. We realized it was time to build a bigger home for this community :) We want to grow as a brand but what we are more invested in is to grow as a community!

What to expect from Bhav Blog?

Awesomeness and nothing less! We will be posting regular content related to our daily inspirations and stories, design and creative processes, how-to’s and D-I-Y ideas, and all our upcoming product updates and event news. The sky is the limit! We will be featuring guest bloggers, stationery-fanatics, creators, and so much more.

How can you be a part of this adventure?

If you are reading this, you already are! You can also email us your feedback, ideas, and creations/customization of our products along with photographs at blog@bhavproducts.com. You can follow us in our Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe to this blog!

We hope that you will shower this home with love and imagination :)

Bhav Team:


Bhintuna “Jya-Poo”
A combination of a dreamer and an achiever. With a background in graphic design and social sciences, she decided to found Bhav Products because of her love for stationery and stories. She loves everything D-I-Y and simple in aesthetics.

Bhav Blog founder

One a particularly fine morning, we went for a hike up a steep hill in Indra Daha to find a magical land full of beautiful memories. | Photo: Khem R. Shreesh


Dipti Sherchan
A student of anthropology with a keen interest in traveling, listening, walking, and journaling. She works with her group of friends on creative, experimental and experiential projects sporadically. Once a hoarder of stationery, now she believes in the value of minimalism. You can read her blog here.

Bhav Blog editor

Me and my friend, Elsa got lost while returning from Thini, a village near Jomsom, Mustang and this selfie could have been my last one!


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