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metal straw set bent
Metal Straw

Metal Straw & Cleaner – Lastraw

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  • The metal straws are stainless and food grade and they come with a cleaner.
  • The Set contains-
    • Bent Metal Straw (6mm)
    • Bent Metal Straw (8mm)
    • Cleaner Brush
    • A Cotton Reusable Pouch
  • 21.5 cm Long Metal Straws
  • Rust and scratch proof
  • Here are 4 steps on how to properly wash them.
    • Rinse the straw as best as you can under lukewarm water.
    • Rub a bit of dish soap onto the pipe cleaner until it gets sudsy, then push it back and forth through as shown in the video to remove all debris.
    • Once you feel the inside is sufficiently scraped, wash the rest of the straw with soap and water.
    • Wipe your straw with a dry towel and keep them inside a pouch.
  • The product is by the brand Lastraw. Lastraw Nepal is an environmental venture which supplies sustainable straws to individuals and restaurants. This venture aims to tackle single-use plastic pollution and it’s a negative impact.

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6 mm (Bent), 6 mm (Straight), 8 mm (Bent), 8 mm (Straight), Cleaner, Set


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