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26th April 2017 is this year’s World Stationery Day. In light of this event, wethe Bhav teamhave shared what stationery means to each one of us and what our favourite Bhav product is. Happy World Stationery Day!

  • Bhintuna “Jya-Poo”, The Founder

Stationery for me is…

String Pencil

String Pencil

Stationery to me means story time with my family. Since childhood I’ve admired my father’s antique stationery collection that today, is over 70 years old. My sister and I would sit with our father drinking tea prepared by my mother, and listen to his stories about when and from which country he bought his crayons, colour pencils, notebooks and several other stationeries. My father would explain to us his earliest diary entries from as early as the 1960s and also show us his figure drawings and the different types of nibs he used to use for his calligraphy projects. I remember the moment he showed me a colour pencil with a string attached close to its nib; I was in awe because to sharpen that colour pencil, you had to pull its string. Such a stationery was a magical revelation for me back then, which is why stationery strongly connects with me because of the story time sessions with my family.

Favourite product from Bhav…

The Bhav Planner is my favourite. Its design is very personal to me: I’ve incorporated ideas from evaluating how I used to use my DIY planner before Bhav began (during my freelancing days). In fact, the most challenging and risky product of Bhav is the planner. In a way, not finding a suitable planner in the local market inspired me to create and provide planners and notebooks to Nepali or any stationery lover in Nepal who were searching for a well designed, quality notebook.


  • Shraddha Dongol, The Admin Assistant

For me, stationery is my first material love. I always go head over heels whenever I see a unique stationery. It is one of those things I wouldn’t mind spending my money on. Like Valentines day is mostly a happy and exciting day for people in love, there is a special day for stationery lovers all over the world too – The World Stationery Day. This year, I plan to celebrate World Stationery Day by, of course, buying more stationery and adding them to my collection.

I have been a stationery lover for many years now. The thought of stationery takes me on a trip down memory lane when I was about 10 years old. By this age, I was allowed to roam around freely outside of my home without supervision. The stationery shops used to be the first ones that I explored alone. I used to spend hours exploring all the items available in the shops and keep asking the owners about the products. Soon, I had visited all the stationery shops near my home and made all the owners my friends. And even till today, I am the same way with them. I used to buy all the interesting stationery items  and different types of papers and collect them. I just love all kinds of stationeries. Even in school, I would be the one friend in my group who used to bring fancy stationery to class. My besties still talk about it and we have a great laugh remembering my madness for the stationery. They would not be surprised seeing me still using a pencil box carrying it everywhere even today. I have always been and always will be a die hard stationery lover.

3foldFavourite product from Bhav…

I love all the products of Bhav, among which, one of my favourites is the Bhav Threefold Notebook. I carry it everywhere I go and everyday because I have been using it as a daily planner. I love this notebook since I am able to plan each day effectively. I have been feeling more productive since the day I started using this unique notebook, which has three folds. While I use two of the notebook’s folds for daily planning, I use the third one (which is tearable) for rough work and miscellaneous. This unique tearable third fold saves me from doing the thing I usually hate i.e. tearing a piece of  paper from my favourite notebook. I will love this notebook forever!



  • Sujana Singh, The Intern

Stationery for me is…

I have been very dependent on stationery my whole life. It has helped me organise many things and make adjustments at the same time. Like many people my age, I am quite fond of quality stationery, especially those that are equally pretty and stylish. I love being well-equipped and prepared to start my day with my planner and other stationery items. I have always felt good while I write and cross out completed items from my to-do list. So for me, stationery means staying organised.

Favourite product from Bhav…

My favourite product from Bhav is my pahilo #PahiloBhavTote, which I recently purchased specifically to assist me during my work and internships. It has been a convenient investment because it not only is spacious and tall enough to fit my 13-inch laptop, some notebooks, my chargers and other equipment, but also strong enough to hold these things comfortably and thick enough so as to protect my stuff from any unforeseen monsoon rain in the upcoming months. I love its simple yet stylish, cute design. Did I forget to mention that it also has two compartments for my water bottle and keys?



“And coincidentally, Nepalis are celebrating Mother’s Day today. I hope you find something from Bhav Products to express your love and gratitude towards your mother. Use the coupon code “pyariama” to get 10% discount. Happy Mother’s Day!”- Bhintuna

Do not forget to mention which Bhav Product is your favourite in the comment section below!

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