Meet our Moderator Malashree: Naulo Meetup

As we plan for our very first Naulo Meet Up #1, we wanted to have a bit of a (virtual) chit-chat with one of the co-facilitators for the meet up – Malashree Suvedi (a dear friend, a poet, a writer, and a ukulele enthusiast) – who will be moderating our “Let’s Plan” section of the meet-up to share her experience of using a planner!

We asked her ten questions and the answers are pretty fun to read through 😀naulo meetup bhav nepal

1 – Would you usually call yourself a “planner” person – someone who uses some tool/method to plan their day/week/month/year out? I am not a long-term planner as my schedule can be pretty random at times. However, yes, I like to think I’m a ‘planner’ person.I especially love planning out particularly stressful days, I make a list of things I need to do on that particular day which helps me relax. Nothing looks too intimidating when written out in colourful pen or messy handwriting.

2 – Did you use any planner/notebook before Bhav? What was it like using Bhav planner? I am a wannabe writer, so yes, I have used notebooks before. But I have to admit, I had never used a planner before Bhav. I have loved every moment of it. This might sound silly but I have started developing certain affinities towards my planners. They make me feel welcomed.  

naulo meetup bhav nepal

3 – What did you enjoy the most? Or, what was the best part about using the planner? I love the fact that I can fill my planner with quotes, my messy handwriting, my childlike doodles. I love colours and I can use them uninhibitedly. I glue things on, paint on it. I feel like I’m back in kindergarten (where, incidentally, I didn’t do well in crafts). It is my own messy world, its pages falling apart and all.  

4 – What was the most challenging? I think overcoming this fear of planning was the most challenging. I do not care much for routines (as in routines make me grumpy), so initially I didn’t know how to go about using it.

5 – We saw so many lovely doodles on your planner! Could you tell us a bit more about how you incorporated them into the planner :) It has been a few years since I started ‘art journaling’. Although, I have a different notebook for that, I also wanted to start ‘art planning’ this year. I have decided to do a ‘doodle of the week’ for each week of the year. I want to be a better cook and learn a bunch of new things this year. Those are goals that I can actively plan for, and also goals that I can doodle. For example, I live alone and didn’t really have any cooking experience before (other than burning instant noodles), now I cook a little bit more and most of my weekly doodles seem to be focused on that progress (like a doodle of daal, or a pink pressure cooker). I just like incorporating doodles in my planner that relate to my goals, plans, accomplishments, and exciting moments of my day.

6 – We also receive a lot of #feelofthemonth photographs from those who use Bhav planner – what is your process of coming up with your #feelofthemonth artworks? Do you plan ahead or let the inspiration hit you ? :) I primarily create my #feelofthemonth after we are a week or so into that particular month until inspiration washes over me. This might sound ironic but I am actually not much of a planner (even though I am totally a planner person), so I rarely plan my ‘artworks’( thank you for calling it that). I think more in words than in images, so I usually associate the month with a particular poem or a word for example. But sometimes, sometimes I plan it out. I don’t stress too much about it, I don’t have to show anyone unless I want to!

7 – Was there something you learned about yourself while using the planner? I learnt that I am more organised than I thought I was. Although my planner is pretty chaotic, there is a system to the madness (just don’t ask me what the system is, I’m not sure myself).

naulo meetup bhav nepal

8 – Were you able to find a style of your own during this process? I like to call my style High Art, everything I make is a masterpiece. Haha, okay jokes aside, I think my style is heavily centred around writing and colours. I discovered that I like simple, colourful doodles and patterns incorporated somehow with words.

#9 What would you tell to people who say “I don’t really know how to use a planner” or “I am not much of a planner”? I would like to tell them that I am on the same boat with them. I am not a planner either, but I use my planner religiously only because I know that there is no need to worry about using it in the right or wrong way. There is no right or wrong, it is my planner and while other people might use it more meticulously, I use it for archiving purposes. What do you use your planner for? It can be a notebook, a scrapbook, it can be used for your work or only for planning meet-ups with your friends. It can be whatever you want it to be.

#10 What are you looking forward to for the Naulo Meet Up #1?
I am looking forward to looking at other people’s notebooks and planners, learning from them, sharing ideas, and having tea and cookies!

You can follow Malashree on Instagram @malashreesuvedi

For more information on the Naulo Meet Up, you can read in our Naulo Website.

And if you would like to join it, you can either send an email at, or RSVP “going” in our Facebook Event Page.

See you!

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