May 2016: Feel of the Month

May Feel of the Month Bhav planner

How would you like to start your month off? A dab of color, a splash of creativity? A word of inspiration, perhaps! Bhav Planner is not only for those who plan but also for those who dream. Every monthly spread starts with a month page – name of the month and a lot of space to play around with – to scrawl and scribble your heart out.

As we start off June, let’s look back on some of the “feels” of the May month submitted by our lovely Bhav users on our Instagram.

#1 Made in Nepal: Bhav shares a special affinity for ideas/objects made in Nepal. When it comes to Anthropose, we love their aesthetics as well as strong ethics!


#2 Poetic Artwork: What better way to keep the month of May motivational with such strong determination to stay put in one’s path. The artwork speaks volume to us!

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#3 Crafty & Colorful: May you embellish – with colors, papers, craft, and infinite love for growth. 


#4 To Dot Or To Grid: Why not both! Use the full spread of the month to mark an event so that something keeps you looking forward to the month.

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#5 Birthdays and Balloons: What better way to start the monthly spread than to remind yourself of the special month – life is meant for celebrations!

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#6 Turn Your Maybe Into Definitely: May the courage within you shine through and through!

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Just like that, the month of May has come to an end; but with such beautiful ideas and inspirations to look back at and keep you going. We can’t wait for June to ignite more creativity! Let us know if you liked this “Feel of the Month” series and would like to see more of such posts!

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