Love you BHAV!

Bhav Stationery made in nepal planner


The memory of my first time being at Bhav is still fresh on my mind. It was my first job interview ever. Nervously, I entered the store to find the founder there and my first thought that came to mind was the DIY yellow carpet on the floor that I believed was real. So I asked Bhintuna if I shall open my shoes. After the embarrassing incident, my interview commenced. It went well. In fact, I was selected for the job post. I had always loved stationery before joining bhav and I think this was one reason that I felt confident enough about my dedication, that I would not get bored of working at Bhav easily. I had never wanted to work at a job where every assignment or task felt herculean or forceful. And I am glad that there hasn’t been a single day that I wished I could avoid going to work. Since I worked as the Administrative Assistant at Bhav, I was involved in most of the tasks that needed managing and thankfully, I have always loved managing and organizing stuffs. For me, the quote, “Do what you love and love what you do” came to life at Bhav.  


sraddha1I will be leaving Bhav soon to continue my further studies. I will miss everything, the cute and cozy workplace being the highlight for my memories. Every corner at Bhav is special for me with memories attached to each and every corner. I will miss the typical days at Bhav where I would open the store, make my to do list for the day, complete the tasks on the list, manage our lunch, dealing with customers and, in the evening, bid goodbye just to greet hello the next day again. Also, all the art markets and melas that I have participated in will be cherished. I have always had great time there. If I didn’t have a different career goal, I wouldn’t have thought of leaving Bhav for more coming months for sure.


Bhav Stationery made in nepal plannerThe first product I bought from Bhav was the 2015 Bhav Planner which I didn’t use properly. In retrospect, I regret not using the planner for I could have done so many things with it. But I have been making the most out of my 2017 planner and other notebooks and I am so glad. The craze for stationery has grown after working here. I am always trying to add more goods to my collection.


During my work tenure at Bhav, I have learned a lot, a lot about professional management of a company and undoubtedly about myself too. I am more self aware. I believe I have become a better leader, though I am leading only myself at present. Blogging and writing has always fascinated me. Here, my wish of writing blog posts came true. I am and always will be, very thankful for the opportunity given.



Bhav Team | May, 2017

I want to take a moment to thank the whole Bhav team for all the support, guidance and encouragement that you have provided me and also for treating me like family. Even though I will miss Bhav and everything related to it, I am looking forward to take up new challenges in my life and career. The lessons that I have learned at Bhav will surely help me in the near future. I am more motivated than ever to work towards my goals and dreams and get what I want in my life. All the memories that I have of Bhav will always be very close to my heart. Finally, I want to say, “Love you Bhav!” and all the beautiful people related to it directly or indirectly.

Shraddha Dongol

In the picture: Bhav Ringed Notebook, 2017 Bhav Planner

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