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I think expressing whatever is on our mind is extremely important. Being able to share our thoughts or opinion on a particular thing is a sign of believing in oneself. We can express our thoughts, feelings and ideas in many ways like through writing, painting, drawing, singing songs, writing poems, and many more. I have friends who love to sing, dance and write poems; produce arts, etc.

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They pour out their feelings to the outer world and to themselves through these chosen forms. Personally, I love to write. Although I am not very good at writing, I like writing down almost everything. From jotting down ideas, making my to do lists, writing down my goals to writing my feelings, etc. When my friends tell me how they forgot to do something very important, my response is usually, “Why don’t you just write it down?” Most of them don’t have the habit of writing things down. Some say they feel lazy to do so or some just keep mental notes. And I am surprised how they can do so. Personally, I don’t think it’s practical or always possible. So, for my convenience, I just write it down. I can’t even start my day without making my “ To do list” for the day. For me, it has become a daily task or a ritual just like brushing my teeth or having my milk tea. to-do-list I must confess, I am an obsessive list maker. I make lists of almost everything. From grocery shopping list to why I should focus on myself and avoid irritating people. Writing things down also helps us to never forget our ideas. When I am struck with any idea, however silly or funny it may be, I just write it down. That way it always remains with me. I don’t do many things without planning or rearranging my ideas. I even plan in detail if I am working on a personalized gift for my best friend. Usually I am laughed at when I do these stuff but I can’t function without any planning. Meanwhile, expressive writing can be extremely beneficial for us. It can benefit us both physically and emotionally. I think it can be helpful to reduce stress, promote better sleep, improve relationships, improve memory, improve mood,well being, etc. One way of expressive writing is through journaling which can be very productive. When I feel like sharing things that are deeply buried in my heart, I write. It feels as if I have shared it to someone and I feel lighter at heart. So, a journal can be our dear friend who listens to us. It has no expectations from us nor does it interrupt us. It listens to us selflessly and endlessly. Here are some reasons to keep a journal:   bhav products stationery nepal nepali brand A form of self discipline: Journaling can evoke self-discipline since we dedicate a certain part of the day to do a specific task of writing on our journals. Just like exercising daily strengthens our muscles, daily writing habits can have many healthy benefits. It helps bring clarity in our feelings, it is a great resource for growth and reflection, and it can also be used as a personal therapy! For example, if we have written something about our past mistake in our journal, later when we reflect on it, we will surely think, “I am not going to make that mistake again!” Whether it’s about becoming a better person or developing ourselves personally, journal can be a powerful tool. Writing to achieve goals: We all live in the world where we have to prove our competence and want to live the dream life which we have always wished and dreamt for. But we can only achieve our goals by working hard on it and not just with wistful thinking. So, to start a step towards achieving our goal, why not write it down? Journals can be our record for tracking progress with personal goals like eating more healthy food, or even maintaining a journal itself!  

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We can reach to the place where we want to be only if we start today. Writing down our goals helps us focus on them better. They become visible reminders to work towards achieving them.

Writing to get more organized: In today’s world of hustle and bustle, we struggle in making our day productive and give ourselves the much needed “me time” or fun time with our friends and loved ones. We can get more productive if we are organized. Using a planner or even a simple notebook to just plan out our day can be extremely helpful.While scheduling tasks of the day, including short breaks can help us feel less tired and maintain our focus. Using checklists is very beneficial. It can specially be advantageous for repetitive tasks to reduce errors. Writing down the things we need to do helps us not forget them!

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Write More : By now we have known the benefits of writing and journaling. If we want to develop the habit of writing then trying some writing prompts can be the best way to start. In the internet, we will find a lot of these. Some examples of writing prompts are:

  1. The 5 things that you are grateful for.
  2. The places you would like to travel.
  3. People whom you value the most and why.
  4. Letter to your future self.
  5. Letter to your teenage self,etc.

One of my friend had taken 30 days writing challenge inspired by a Pinterest post. She wrote as per the prompts daily for a month which helped develop her writing habits and watching her do this was really inspiring!

So, expressing ourselves in our chosen form can be very helpful for our overall development. And if you like expressing yourself through writing just like I do, why not start from today in your favourite notebook?

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