July 2016: Feel of the Month

feel of the month bhav products nepal

For Bhav, July was a month of leaps of faith – into nature, adventures, and emotions. We found ourselves wandering into the wilderness, wondering about the varying shades of green, and walking with our hearts on our sleeves. Let’s see what July was like for you all through our Bhav Planner!

#1 Be Kind: A simple wish; hopefully was granted with a generous sprinkling of warm hugs.

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#2 Mero Chowk: Oh what joy it is to spill colors into the many crevasses of our thoughts.

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#3 Hope & Love: “July will shower hope and love will start to grow” – let the positivity shine through these words for all of us.



#4 Slippery July: The July roads are all muddy and wet with puddles concealed under the perfect brown of the earth so that your feet are bound to slip and slop with your not so reliable flip-flops.

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#5 Discover July: Retreat with Bhav means sipping tea, cloud-gazing, and wondering where the paper boat is bound to.

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July was definitely one of the most magical months of this year <3

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