Error, error on the planner!

Error, error on the planner!

Who is the creative-est of all!

It has come to our notice that there is an error on the mini monthly view calendar of June month in our Bhav Planner 2016. Instead of starting from a Wednesday, the month starts from Tuesday. How many of you spotted the mistake? After imaginable panic at this, first of all, we would like to apologize for this mistake. But this has not brought us down – we have decided to put a creative spin to this catastrophe!

This mistake has allowed us an opportunity to post our very first D-I-Y idea on our blog!

Idea 1: A Simple Cover-Up

Since the mini calendar starts with a Sunday, a very quick fix is pushing the starting day to Monday so that the the first of June becomes Wednesday! You can use a paper that matches the background color of the planner or use other colored paper as well!



Idea 2: Neon It Out

What better way to hide a mistake by highlighting them 😛 Applying the same philosophy of shifting the days on the top bar to push the days, you can use these easily available neon circular stickers (also known as labels). Play around with the colors, and mark that particular Saturday you would like to remind yourself to take a break!



Idea 3: A Proper D-I-Y Treatment

Don’t be shy to get crafty. Gather some spare papers – we used brown – and cover the top bar. Use some fun pens and colors to write over them!


A closer look: the white stands out perfectly on a brown background and a touch of bright red adds some necessary creative flare to it!



Idea 4: Bring them pens out!

We went crazy with the pens here! A simple idea but executed with care can save a perfectly fine calendar. And, you can color-code your day’s entries according to the colors used for the days. Here we have used a Post-it, if there’s no glue around and you are in hurry this idea will surely save you the time. :)


Tell us, which idea did you like the best and will be trying on your own planner? Let us know how you plan to fix this!


Although an error, June definitely sounds like a month inspiring to overcome mistakes and put a more colorful interpretation to it :)

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