Writing the perfect paper from BHAV is a lot like a military operation. It takes discipline, foresight, research, strategy, and, if done right, ends in total victory every seconds.

- Beeshwas Gurung

Minimalistic, simple and elegant designed notebooks, loved the Bhav products.

- Sirish Shrestha

Simple and beautiful stationery items sold at a reasonable price. Love the Nepalese culture reflected on them. A must visit shop for aesthetics. :)

- Abani Malla

It’s so good that don’t want to tear a single page…

-Bishrant Tandukar

I want Bhav to adopt me.

- Sujan Amatya 

Minimalism at it’s best. Always a conversation starter when I carry my Bhav notebooks around. :)

-Rajat Sharma

Great design. Quality materials. A fantastic buy!

-Madeline Bowers

All Bhav Products are so creative, that you can’t help not being the same once you start using them. My long lost skills of  calligraphy, doodling and sketching have found a new earth to pour again all my creative ink into!

Highly recommended!

- Udayan Mishra 

Bhav Products motivates me to sketch more. The square grids and dot grids helps me to experiment more on type design possibilities. In future I hope to get small square notebook and add calligraphy pen and markers products too. Thank you!

- Ananda Maharjan (Type Designer)

I want to make Bhav notebooks the nepali ‘moleskine’ because it is too cool. Can’t wait for the next launch. :)

- Shuvechchhya Pradhan

I have a crush on your journals, I fell for your adorable creative designs, I simply love you Bhav.

- Bishwo Tuladhar

Simplicity in the products is your asset. Love writing my ‘bhav’ on your notebooks. :)
Looking forward to more creations!

- Shreemanjari Tamrakar