Bhav Planner 2017 is here!

Our Bhav Planner 2017 is here with few additions and changes. We have iterated the designs to clear the confusions and come up with creative solutions to some of the issues our customer faced while they used our “Let’s Plan 2016” Planner for the last year.

#1 New addition to the Bhav Planner 2017- Overview page of Important Dates, Events and Contacts.📖 In absence of digital access this will come very handy. 💻📱We promise.☺


#2 Note down your Achievements.✒ Feel good, let your positive hormones shoot up! Whether you learned riding a bicycle, got over your fear of swimming, completed important projects, submitted the proposal of your thesis, won a table tennis match with an unbeatable friend, write them all down. Smile, celebrate and achieve more.☺ Goodluck!


#3 A new addition to our Planner 2017 is Nepali dates (2073/74 B.S.). At a glance you will be updated about your plans and organise your day easily. Happy Planning!☺


#4 No dates restriction. Record your activities. We have changed the grid to ruled for Notes/Ideas section in 2017 Planner. There are 5pgs in every month. ☺


#5 Few pages of Ruled and Blanks for Notes section for your important notes. Happy Writing!☺

#6 Back pocket, a new addition to our Bhav Planner 2017, for safekeeping.☺ Calligraphy on notepaper by our friend Ratan.


We were able to accommodate quite a few of these changes and it was possible because of your feedback and love! We hope that this year too, you will keep them coming. Don’t forget to remain awesome, and keep planning + achieving ☺

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