An Extra Day?

add Extra day bhav planner nepali

Don’t you sometimes just wish you could have an extra day in a month – that one day to enjoy a warm cup of tea and company, journal your heart out into your neglected diary, or just roam about the city?

Well – your dreams have just come true. Sort of. If you have been using our Bhav planner, the monthly spread of July is missing a day in its calendar but since the entire month is almost about to end, it sure feels like we get an extra day!

We would like to apologize for yet another error. But we also hope that this error leads us to value every day as a gift :)

If you want to DIY the mistake out, an easy way to go about it is adding the 31st day on the first empty box of the first row of the spread on the “Sunday” column.

Thank you so much for loving our planner despite its flaws! :)

P.S. Thanks to our friend for sharing her July from Bhav Planner.

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