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Bhav Badge + Sticker
Bhav began as a determined, personal attempt at creating the best notebook possible for my own use. I had gathered different kinds, colors, and textures of paper over years and one fine day, I stitched them all together, drew rows and columns, grids and boxes, lines and dots, and held it with a pride that only an artisan feels while holding its creation. This was my DIY frankenstein monster with a creative edge – a notebook with a planner.

Everyone eyed this prized possession of mine with envy and this gave me an idea – I am probably not the only crazy-stationery-addict-ahem-lover, dissatisfied with the way things were in Nepal. The Nepali market offered very few options to choose from when it came to buying notebooks and stationery items. Even bleaker was the situation of locally available products that we could relate to both as a quality product and as a reliable brand. Most of the people I knew would resort to asking favors from friends abroad and wait in anxiety over when the package would arrive.

I realized with the time and money people were willing to invest in this process, I could pull off something adventurous, something crazy, something that a graphic designer like me with no business background could have ever imagined to – a stationery line that people would love as their own.

This is how the journey of Bhav started from “me” but has grown to become “us”.

After months of deliberating over what kinds of paper are available on the market, which shade and thickness of brown paper would make a sturdy cover, which patterns can be played with for the inner pages, and how far can the idea of a stationery line be pushed to incorporate innovation and creativity, we decided to take the leap and establish Bhav Products officially on the 28th of December, 2014.

A year later, we house a wide range of creative stationery supplies of notebooks, notepads, planners, and paraphernalia; but the possibilities are limitless and this is just the beginning.

Thank you for your love and support.

Bhintuna “Jya-Poo”

DIY Bhav Planner 2015

Doodle, DIY washi tape decoration on Bhav Planner 2015 representing Dashain. #thefeelofthemonth

Bhav Products is a creative industry geared towards promoting and generating ideas, designs, and products that people can relate to and become a part of a larger community of stationery users and lovers. Our philosophy behind the product is that the user is the one who customizes it to their own needs – we only offer them a tool and show them the possibilities.

  • Simplicity and minimalism

    We believe in designs that are simple yet classic, clutter-free, and compatible to the wants of the user.

  • Creativity and DIY culture

    We want to actively promote a more do-it-yourself culture so we encourage people to be playful and creative with our products.

  • User-oriented and affordable

    Our products are created keeping our users in mind – we iterate on our designs and products through constant user feedback.

Designed & Manufactured in Nepal

Ultimately, what we want to do is reimagine the creative industries of Nepal by promoting local artists, local products, and local knowledge. We want to encourage people to take up entrepreneurial ventures like ours – to prove that dreamers like us can also make good business-people without compromising our creativity. Every success story lives beyond the pages – and what we want to do is keep adding pages to that infinity.