Ever wondered what goes into the making of a creative start-up? What forces collide and coalesce to shape a company? Find out some of the quirks of your favorite stationery brand! These are our top ten facts about Bhav!

  1. Bhav came into life just about 2 years and 6 months ago in Dec 28, 2014.
  2. The company was supposed to be called ‘Butta’, but the founder wanted to use this name for another collaborative project with her friends and instead, named this company ‘Bhav’. Affinity for the letter “B”! Guess where it comes from 😉
  3. The word ‘भाव’ (bhāv), in Devnagari, was added to the brand name so that people would avoid mispronouncing the word as ’भव’ (bhâv). There are times though when people mistake the founder’s name to be Bhav!
    Bhav products stationery nepali blog
  4. Bhav was initially intended to be an online store – promoting products through a virtual portal for convenience.
  5. Bhav started providing customised notebooks service although it has its own line of products after recognizing a growing demand for stylized, personalized, and tailored stationery products.
  6. All Bhav products are handmade, made in Nepal and made using local resources. #MadeinNepal
  7. The founder actually has a Masters’ Degree in Anthropology and she has been doing graphic designing for 13 years! All experiences count!
  8. Bhav currently has 3 personnel in the team: the founder, the admin assistant and an intern – all a powerhouse of women!
  9. The yellow striped carpet inside the store was actually painted by the founder as a DIY design to bring some brightness to the office and is often mistaken for a real one! You can definitely count more DIY furniture if you step into the shop :)
  10. Latokosero is the only design that is not illustrated by the founder. It was designed by Priti Sherchan, an illustrator as part of a collaborative attempt at diversifying the look of Bhav.

Which is your favorite fact? Any more inside info you want to know? Comment below! :)

Bhav products stationery nepali blog

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